8 Great Reasons to Buy a Dodge journey

If you’re in the market to buy a crossover SUV, consider the Dodge Journey. First introduced in 2009, the sleek and stylish SUV has the comfort, sleek style and safety that drivers demand in their vehicle. It’s only improved over the years and continues to impress customers who want those qualities in their vehicle. If you buy a new Dodge Journey, prepare for a great treat and a vehicle that you will love. Read below to learn eight of the biggest reasons it is time to buy a Dodge Journey!

1.    The Price is Right: When you are in the market for a new vehicle, price is the first consideration for most drivers. You don’t want to go broke to buy a car, and when you opt to own the Journey, an affordable rate is something that you will always appreciate.

2.    Sleek & Stylish: You want to feel good and look great sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle. As the owner of a Journey, that is something that comes naturally. This awesome crossover has all the style that a drier could expect. You’ll love sitting behind the wheel of the Dodge Journey.

3.    Plenty of Room: The third-row seating in the Journey ensures that you always have room for everyone that needs to ride. It is the perfect vehicle for large families and soccer moms, as well as young friends who are always together.

new Dodge Journeysafety features

4.    Modern Amenities: The Journey has an 8.4-in. touchscreen media center that makes it easy to control your media and entertainment options. There are six speakers in the SUV, with great music pumping out on each end. Itis a car that drives of all ages can and will appreciate.

5.    Power: There is a V6 engine underneath the hood, which provides the perfect amount of power to handle most of your adventures both in town and off-road.

6.    Options: Take your pick of five awesome trim levels. You can get a little or you can get a lot when you are driving the Journey and never spend more than what you want to spend.

7.    Safe Driving: When it comes to safety features, the Journey doesn’t disappoint. There are tons of standard safety feature included so you feel confident each time you get behind the wheel. And, there are also optional safety features that can enhance your comfort and peace of mind.

8.    Fun Ride: The Journey offers its drivers a fun ride, at great price, and a plethora of benefits that you will appreciate. The Dodge Journey is a popular SUV and there is little wonder why so many drivers choose to add this vehicle to their garage. Don’t be the only one.

There are many SUVs on the market, but none of them offer the same great features and style as the Dodge Journey. This is a vehicle that you will love to see sitting in your driveway, so make the first step to ownership and enjoy the perks that so many other drivers love.